Privacy Policy

Specter (Specter for does not sell or rent your data, and anonymous information is only collected to help make the app better (This can be turned off in the settings).

When signing into Specter, you use your Spotify account through’s system's. By using Specter you’re subject to’s Privacy policy. You can view’s Privacy policy for how they handle your Spotify data.

Specter uses’s API to access all your data, If you check your Spotify connected app’s you will not see Specter. You will see your connection “Spotistats for Spotify”.

All data Specter uses for the API is stored on your device, no account data is transferred to any external servers.

Specter uses Sentry for error logging so we can find errors faster and fix them. The error logs don't contain an ID of who the error came from, only the error details and some info on the device that it happened on. You can disable this in Specters settings if you want.

If you have questions or concerns about any of the above please contact

All copyrighted content (i.e. album artwork) on Specter are owned by their respective owners. Data is provided by Spotify. Spotify is a trademark of Spotify AB. Specter is in no way affiliated with Spotify.