About Specter

Specter for stats.fm is a desktop client for stats.fm that is 100% free to use on Windows and macOS.

Specter is made by a member stats.fm team but is not a official app, but Specter is endorsed by stats.fm. Though Specter does have special features for stats.fm Plus users but you can't buy it though our app. You will have to download the stats.fm mobile app to buy plus.

There is only one developer working on Specter, If you find a bug you can report the issue here (It will help a lot :) ), Or you can report on the Specter Discord under #bug-reports.

Specter uses stats.fm’s API to access all your data, Specter doesn't send any data to anyone. You can read Specters privacy policy here.

If you need help with Specter I recomend to join the Specter Discord or you can view our Support page.

All copyrighted content (i.e. album artwork) on Specter are owned by their respective owners. Data is provided by Spotify. Spotify is a trademark of Spotify AB. Specter is in no way affiliated with Spotify.