Specter for stats.fm

Access all your stats.fm stats now on your desktop computer!

Specter is endorsed by stats.fm and is the best way to access your stats.fm stats on Windows and macOS!

Detailed Stats Page

View detailed stats on your amount of tracks streams, stream minutes, and more. You can select from a preset date range, like your lifetime listening history, or pick your own date ranges.

Detailed Track Info

View information on a track with audio analysis and a track waveform. With Plus and Imported data, you can few how many times you have listened to the track or where it is in your top tracks for your lifetime listens.

Detailed Artist Info

View and artists' most popular tracks and artists related to them. You can also view their top listener on stats.fm*. With Plus and Imported data, you can see your amount of tracks listened to or your total minutes streamed for the artist.

stats.fm Global charts

View the Global charts for stats.fm Plus users who have Stream Sync enabled and who have imported their data. Find out what's trending among stats.fm Plus users!

Main Screenshot
Main Screenshot

stats.fm Friends

You can view your stats.fm friends but also manage incoming and outgoing friend requests. You can send friends request on a users profile!

Some features shown in the screenshots require stats.fm Plus and your Spotify data imported. You can find an interactive import guide in Specter or on stats.fm Support sites import guide.

All copyrighted content (i.e. album artwork) on Specter are owned by their respective owners. Data is provided by Spotify. Spotify is a trademark of Spotify AB. Specter is in no way affiliated with Spotify.